Imagine the possibilities…

Projects at the Applied Research Center (ARC) consistently start with these discussions:

  • “How could I…?”
  • “Would it be possible to…?”
  • “If we could just do…”
  • “It would save us a lot of money of we could…”

These and many other questions are the starting point for developing a long-term, trusted relationship with the Applied Research Center (ARC) at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

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Victor A. Fishman, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President Applied Research


Dr. Victor A. Fishman is the associate vice president for applied research at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Fishman’s responsibilities include enhancing faculty and student applied research across the University’s eight schools and creating an effective translational research infrastructure at the Applied Research Center (ARC). The ARC bridges the gap between faculty basic research and applied research, leading to sponsor-integrated solutions. The ARC is a professionally staffed, budget, schedule, and deliverable driven organization that delivers prototypes, software, systems, and engineering know-how to meet sponsor needs.


During his career at Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Fishman served as the industrial and government liaison and Head of the Washington Office for the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), a Navy-sponsored Department of Defense University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). In this capacity, he supported technology and systems integration in materials and manufacturing, fluids and structural mechanics, information and signal processing, and acoustics.


Dr. Fishman has consulted in new technology development and commercialization and supported technology-based business start-ups, university technology transfer offices, and regional economic development organizations.


Contact Dr. Fishman about applied research at The University of Texas at Dallas, the Applied Research Initiative, and the Applied Research Center, as well as faculty science & technology Communities of Interest (COI).

Joshua Blanchard

Principal Investigator


Joshua Blanchard is a Principal Investigator (PI) at the Applied Research Center (ARC). He builds collaborative relationships between University faculty, industry, government and small businesses to reduce development risk and time to market. Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri – Columbia and has 17+ years of experience in aerospace, including design, transition to manufacturing, program management, and supplier oversight.


Contact Josh about all aspects of additive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and aerospace engineering.

Michael Karich

Principal Investigator


Michael Karich holds a master’s degree in Information Technology Systems Management and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  Michael has more than ten years of experience in software and systems, management, design, and implementation. Drawing on this experience, he rapidly identifies and implements novel solutions to complex data analytics and infrastructure management problems.  Michael seeks to create lasting partnerships between business, government, and University faculty to design and produce excellent results.


Contact Michael about cybersecurity, big data, analytics, mobility, software development, cloud and HPC computing, internet of things, IT infrastructure, IT governance, and program management.

Jensen Newman, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator


Dr. Jensen Newman is the ARC Lead for Electronics, Energy, Power, Optics and Materials. His applied research experience includes work with industry, university faculty, and Federal organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Naval Surface Warfare Centers (NSWC) and Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). His research covers a wide spectrum including development, prototyping, testing, fielding and documentation/reporting. He has BT degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering technology, an MS degree in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.

Contact Jensen for all Electronics, Optics and Materials needs including embedded systems, circuits, controls, math-based algorithms and LabVIEW applications.