Power generation, security, control, and transport represent key areas of technological convergence. The Power and Energy Systems focus area brings the Applied Research Center’s (ARC) expertise and project‐driven methodology to bear on sponsor projects addressing all aspects of today’s changing energy landscape:

  • WindStar I/UCRC Support
    • Control System Theory
    • Extreme‐Seeking Control (ESC)
  • Power Generation Optimization
  • Fault‐Resilient Energy Solutions
  • Wind Tunnel Development
  • Virtual Wind Farm Optimization
  • Power Grid Security
  • Data Security
  • Inductive Motors
  • Defense

Deep understanding of advances in generation control systems, motors, wind tunnels, and fault resistance anchor the Power and Energy Systems focus area’s contributions to sponsor projects.

The ARC Power and Energy Systems focus area supports the development and implementation of sponsor solutions to real‐world problems of renewable energy, wind farm optimization, and power grid defense and security.

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Matthew McDonough, Ph.D student works on his latest research focus.