The Information and Data Systems (IDS) focus area addresses real-world challenges in data analytics and networking and information security.ARC-1764

  • “Big Data” and Data Analytics – IDS focuses on both the tools and technologies related to analytics and the techniques and methodologies of analytics. This focus includes test equipment and platforms/ environments that can be used across projects and activities. IDS also looks for opportunities to apply research, tools, techniques, and methodologies between industries, markets, and varying fields of research.
  • Cyber Security – IDS focuses on direct security and privacy activities such as malware detection, securing systems and development and evaluation of security tools, programs and policies; and indirect activities such as the inclusion of privacy rules within systems, security reviews of software development, and vulnerability assessments of systems and applications.
  • Cloud Computing – Cloud computing is a key component in most government and industry initiatives. IDS focuses on cloud-centric projects that extend existing service and management in new and novel ways, evaluates all projects to determine viability and impact of cloud offerings, and how those offerings may be integrated into all efforts.
  • Mobility – Mobility is a rapidly developing technology space that provides direct and indirect opportunities for placing research solutions into users’ hands. Areas of concentration include mobile security, mobile device management, and mobile applications with a focus on linkages to accessing analytics tools and reports.

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Application Areas

  • Defense/security
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Consumer electronics/appliances
  • Health and safety
  • Retail

Example Projects

  • Analytics Algorithm Development
  • Advanced Anti-Malware Tools
  • Secure Cloud Documents – User-Defined Access Controls and Encryption
  • Data Stream Analytics to Detect Anomalous Behavior
  • Utilizing Social Analytics in Social Marketing
  • Utilizing Predictive Analytics in Finance
  • Enhanced Security Monitoring and Reporting
  • Development of iOS Applications Capturing Video, Audio, and Physical Input for Medical Research