C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence)

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Research Summaries

Dr. Mark Spong


Nonlinear control theory with particular emphasis on applications in robotics. Recent investigations include passivity-based control in telerobotics, synchronization and coordination of networked robotic agents, and bipedal locomotion. Read more.

Dr. Will Anderson

Assistant Professor

Computational fluid dynamics, turbulent flows, environmental fluid dynamics, high- performance computing, boundary layer meteorology, microfluidics. Read more.

Dr. Nick Gans

Assistant Professor

Controls in robotics with a focus on vision-based estimation and control for robots and autonomous vehicles. Research areas include computer vision including visual search and vision-based estimation and control, nonlinear control, and robot-human interaction. Read more.

Dr. Wooram Park

Assistant Professor

Robotics, biomedical robots, computational structural biology, and image processing. Read more.

Dr. Yonas Tadesse

Assistant Professor

Humanoid robotics, emerging applications of smart materials, sensors, and actuators, mechatronic systems, multimodal energy harvesting, modeling, controls and biomimetics. Read more.