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Research Summaries

Dr. Ron Bose

Executive Director

Expertise includes telecommunications analytics, government program support, securing large datasets and creative approaches to new challenges in managing big data and applying analytics in business.

Dr. Indranil Bardhan


Research includes predictive modeling, informatics and analytics focused on healthcare and patient care; economic and innovation impacts of information technology and developing applied analytics skill in students

Dr. Kelly Slaughter

Clinical Associate Professor

Focus areas include technical tools needed to perform analytics such as R and Tableau and Human Information Interaction

Dr. Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng

Associate Professor

Healthcare analytics to predict clinic outcomes and reduce healthcare inefficiencies, social media analytics to explore impact of sentiment on trading behavior, financial analytics with a focus on high frequency trading.

Dr. Ravishankar Narayan

Clinical Assistant Professor

Primary focus is Business Analytics practicum. Research focus includes data management and governance efforts necessary to ensure effective and repeatable applied analytics.

Dr. Alexandar Angelus

Visiting Assistant Professor

Research includes inventory optimization algorithms, supply chain and business analytics, and advanced inventory management methodologies.

Judd Bradbury

Senior Lecturer

Focus includes data narratives applied to visualizations, developing and applying visualization techniques and analytics to broad datasets and applications